• We can import any foreign-language magazines issued all over the world.
    • We prepare, free of charge, foreign currency estimates related to the titles of your choosing.
    • We prepare lists of magazines dealing with the topic of your interest.
    • We accept foreign-currency settlements while doing business with foreign contractors.
    • We take care of all customs and tax-related formalities.
    • Any domestic and foreign correspondence related to subscription services is our duty.
    • We control the regularity of individual copy deliveries and inform the publisher about any related claims.
    • Magazines can be subscribed to in any form in which they are issued (print, on-line access, PDF, CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, video tapes, in Braille system, other available forms).
    • Orders are accepted all-year-round. The subscription period lasts 12 months from the date on which the subscription commences.
    • Orders for subscriptions covering a full calendar year are accepted by September 30th of the previous year at the latest. Subscription orders placed after that deadline start with the first issue available after the deadline, with publishing calendars taken into consideration.
    • An order is executed if its receipt is confirmed by the publisher. Should he fail the provide such a confirmation, the entire advance payment is returned to the Orderer after an individually agreed period of time.
    • Magazines are sent by the publisher, by mail, directly to the Subscriber's address.
            Mail parcels are delivered to Poland within:
            from Europe: about 14 days
            from other continents: 8-10 weeks (regular parcels)
    • Orders are executed only after the Orderer makes an advance payment, whose amount is determined pursuant to catalogue prices.
    • Advance payments are to be made in Polish zlotys, on the basis of a pro-forma bill issued by EuroPress. Once the advance payment is made, the Orderer receives a VAT invoice for the transferred amount.
    • Final settlement, in the form of a correction invoice, in which the advance payment is taken into consideration, is made after our company settles its accounts with the publisher.
    • Claims are communicated to foreign partners within two days from the date on which they are received from the Orderer.
    • It is usually the case that 6 to 10 weeks pass between filing a claim and the date on which the missing copy is delivered. If the claim is not accepted by the publisher, EuroPress shall introduce relevant corrections to its invoice and shall return the relevant amount to the Orderer.
    Orders can be canceled and advance payments withdrawn only before the payment is transferred to the publisher, and with the publisher's consent.
    Copies of issues other than the current one are to be considered archive copies. The prices of such copies may be higher than those applied in subscription (if the desired copies are available only at antiquarian prices, for instance). Conditions applicable to current subscriptions apply also to orders for archive copies.