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Ladies and Gentlemen,


Sudden development of new technologies has great impact on everyone's life. It is enough to say that 10 years ago not too many people owned a mobile phone or used the Internet. Nowadays, living without those inventions is unthinkable for many. This does not mean, however, that the Internet will replace the daily press, magazines or books just as computers have failed to eliminate information conveyed on paper. We are convinced, therefore, that newspapers and magazines we are importing will long be evoking the Readers' interest (which is confirmed by a continuous growth in sales).


The attractiveness of our offer is proved by the fact that our customers in Warsaw can get their hands on newspapers issued in London, Paris or Berlin at the same time as their foreign counterparts. This does not apply to Internet, but to printed issues (in the case of global titles - to its local issue).


By taking advantage of our offer you can choose from over 1,600 press titles from the world over (including over 30 dailies). You can also subscribe, upon request (Special subscription) to any foreign-language press title.


Titles listed in our regular offer can be delivered to company premises or subscribed to. The section entitled Deliveries to company premises lists the details of our regular offer, and presents downloadable files with retail prices of the press titles in that offer.


Should you be interested rather in making an occasional purchase rather than subscribing to a press title, choose the Sales outlet option, where addresses and phone numbers of sales outlets located close to where you live can be found.


Apart from the press, we also offer books in English and German.


Should you have any questions related to our offer, please contact us through the Internet (anytime) or on business days between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (see Contact us)


Enjoy your reading.


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